Salon Privé is 'Best in Show' in concours award

Salon Privé normally hands out awards to celebrate great machinery, but now it's been on the receiving end of an award

Already considered one of the world's leading concours events, Salon Privé has received official recognition of that status through an invitation to 'The Peninsula Classics Best of the Best Award' as a partner concours.

Famous hotelier the Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie, created the award in 2015 with three others to act as a meter of standard in the automotive world through celebration. In other words, it was there to award the best cars in the world. And the best cars in the world turn up at concourses. To make it easier to choose, the selection is narrowed down to the Best of Show in the world's leading concourses, which now includes Salon Privé.

A look back at Salon Privé 2018…

The car that enabled Salon Privé to enhance its status is a 1933 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster, awarded ‘Best of Show’ at this year’s Chubb Insurance Concours d’Elégance.

Built by Bugattis engineers in Molsheim, France as a response to consumer demand for a coachbuilt car with top levels of performance, the Roadster was designed by Ettore Bugatti's eldest son, Jean. It is believed 16 examples were made, and just five still exist with the beautiful coachbuilt body and sophisticated mechanics. To achieve the high performance figures desired, the Roadster used the 2.3-litre eight-cylinder engine from the Type 51 Grand Prix car, though detuned to 135bhp.

The concours winning Roadster (chassis no. 55234) is seen as the closest you can get to seeing a Type 55 fresh from the factory, and with Bugattis already being one of the most lucrative brands in the classic car and concours world, this Roadster really is on a very high pedestal. It's mileage is slowly heading towards the 50,000 mark, but there has been no need for restoration.

'It is an honour for us to be invited to join The Peninsula Classics Best of the Best which celebrates the best cars from the best events in the world. Over the years, we have built up a fantastic following of owners and enthusiasts from around the world who’ve become great friends of the event and this is as much recognition of their support as it is honouring the event itself,' said Andrew Bagley, Salon Privé's managing director and concours chairman.

'Salon Privé grows in international stature every year with 17 of the 55 cars entered from abroad this year and in fact, it was an American, Bob Bishop, who won this year’s Best of Show with his beautiful 1933 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster. Together with Bob and his Bugatti, we greatly look forward to attending The Peninsula Classics Best of the Best Awards Dinner in Paris next February.'

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