Go 'Sideways' with this Saab 900 movie car

The movie car used in 'Sideways' is up for grabs after the current owner's business plans for the vehicle didn't pan out

The early 1990s movie Sideways about two friends who had adventures during their trip through California’s wine country. For a big chunk of the film, a red Saab 900 convertible was the third main cast member during the trip, and the current owners of the car are ready to hand it off to a new owner - this is after a somewhat interesting history of the car once it left the big screen.

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During the movie, two men, approaching middle age, decided to set out in the Saab 900 ahead of one of them getting married. The Saab in the movie was sold to the director by Walter Wong, the owner of Right Solutions Saab Service & Repair in Los Angeles. Some years after the movie wrapped, Walter acquired the car, once again, fixed it up, and used it both as a vehicle to travel back and forth fro Seattle to Denver, and also as a loaner car for his friends and customers.

The current owner, Hagan, co-founder of a traveling pop-up dining experience called PlaceInvaders, acquired the car after it had been sitting for sometime. So at this point, we were able to hunt down a Reddit thread that interestingly outlined the plans by the owner to use the car to give wine tours based on the theme of the movie; the thread expressed concerned about the legal aspects of using the movie’s name in the business venture, no other threads could be found in the 10 months since.

What readers could learn from this thread is that the car was not actually crashed in one of the movie’s famous scenes where it smacked into a tree, and people also expressed disinterest in riding around in the backseat of a Saab during a wine tour.

Information provided to AutoClassics indicates that the non-functional odometer shows 134,000 miles, and pictures show it to be in pretty fair shape.

The listing for the 1987 Saab 900 Cabriolet just went live, and you can find it here. When its sold, the new owner will also get the rights to sidewayssaab.com, facebook.com/sidewayssaab, and instagram.com/sidewayssaab.

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