Ruote da Sogno heading for Goodwood Revival

Still only two years old, start-up classic dealer Ruote da Sogno is already a key member of Italy’s ‘Motor Valley’ – and now it’s heading to the Revival

‘Motor Valley’ in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region contains a swathe of must-visit locations for petrolheads. Between the factories and museums of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati and a trio of famed racing circuits – Imola, Misano and Varano – there’s a surprising new addition to tours visiting the region. Ruote da Sogno, the recently founded collector car dealership.

Established in September 2016, and a stone’s throw from the heart of Motor Valley in Reggio Emilia, entrepreneur and Ruote da Sogno co-founder Stefano Aleotti has amassed a vast range of vintage bikes and classic cars from all over the world. It might be a dealership, but at first glance it could easily be mistaken for a five-star museum.

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Inside the 7000m² showroom sit more than 1000 bikes in flawless condition, including exclusive pieces from the best collections, perfectly restored, certified and ready to be started. As mainstream dealerships reduce their physical footprint, Ruote da Sogno has spared no expense with its venue.

‘Our showroom is pivotal in our communication strategy. It’s a venue where we can impress and provide a thrilling experience to visitors from all over the world who are curious to see what we are all about,’ Aleotti explains.

Created to innovate, Ruote da Sogno’s hi-tech showroom boasts the latest-generation audio, lighting and control services – such as a high-quality LED wall used to project high-definition video content, a stage for live performances, and many other customisable tools.

Located in the event hall is a Crystal Kitchen, an evocative transparent cube designed by seven-time Michelin-starred chef Bruno Barbieri, where local raw materials loved all over the world are turned into culinary masterpieces. For once, the variety of stunning vintage and modern classics on show has some competition for drawing the most attention from visitors.

‘One of the most frequent remarks we hear from foreign collectors who come to visit us is “Really impressive!”’ continues Aleotti. ‘However hard we try to describe this unique location, reality always exceeds anything they could ever have imagined. When they leave the showroom, all our visitors always shower us with compliments and say they intend to come back again to repeat this exciting experience.

‘And also, to attract more collectors and visitors from around the world, we have recently started a number of important partnerships with international tour operators to place visiting our showroom on their Motor Valley tourist packages: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and Ruote da Sogno. In 2017, our customers, guests and visitors numbered over 30,000, a performance worthy of a top-ranking museum.’

Although the setting is impressive, there’s little doubt it still comes a close second to the vehicles and workmanship on display. The high level of specialists and quality of vehicles on offer has already set it apart from others, leading to invites for prestigious shows in Paris, Monte Carlo, Stuttgart, Goodwood, Padua, Milan and Cologne. This is something about which Aleotti is immensely proud, given how young his company is.

‘We’ve recently increased our investments in the field of classic and youngtimer cars, and highly luxurious models have arrived that have raised the quality of our stock to the same levels maintained by established operators in Northern Europe. This standard of excellence is enabling us to display highly sought-after cars in the world’s top locations for collectors.’

Injecting an Italian flavour to this weekend’s Goodwood Revival, Ruote da Sogno is bringing a trio of pristine classics for visitors to see first hand. A pair of iconic BMWs from two distinct eras will spearhead the line-up, with a 1938 BMW 327/28 joined by a 1974 BMW 3.0 CSL. The company’s final selection is a reminder of Ruote da Sogno’s origins; an elegant Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Freccia d’Oro.

For those of you visiting Goodwood for this weekend’s Revival, be sure to meet Ruote da Sogno in the ‘Over the Road’ area of the Revival meeting, where it is based at stands 228-231. You can read its full catalogue here.

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