Rétromobile to display star cars of Montlhéry

Over 20 cars and motorcycles from the history of the famous French circuit will be display in Paris in February 2018

A display of racing cars documenting the history of the famous Montlhéry banked circuit will be displayed at the 2018 Rétromobile show in Paris from 7 to 11 February 2018.

The organisers of the annual Les Grandes Heures de l'Autodrome event at Montlhéry will once again take over the walkway area between the exhibition halls at the Paris Expo during the Rétromobile show, to display a number of star cars from this history of the circuit, properly known as the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry.

Last year's walkway display was dedicated to 30 years of Group B, which proved extremely popular. This year, the spread of vehicles will be wider, to illustrate the breadth of competition and record-breaking that has taken place on the 51° banked turns of the Montlhéry circuit over the years – over 1000 records have been broken at Montlhéry in the car, motorcycle and bicycle categories since the circuit's creation in 1924.

Around 20 cars and motorcycles will form the Rétromobile display, including the record-breaking Voisin of 1927, the Citroën Rosalie (shown in the video below) and the remarkable Peugeot 404, above.

Les Grandes Heures de l'Autodrome has become one of the biggest events at Montlhéry, despite just three editions having taken place so far since the inaugural running in 2015, with with 16,000 spectators attending the third edition in September 2017.

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