What's in each Hall at Retro Classics 2018?

With Stuttgart’s Retro Classics event for 2018 now well under way, AutoClassics offers up a taste of what to look forward to – or what you are missing out on!

Although the sky looms with snow clouds and freezing rain, thousands of visitors from 170 countries have started their annual pilgrimage towards the Messe Stutguart exhibition centre for this year’s packed event.

Outside the event

Now in its 18th year, classic cars of all descriptions stand in formation outside the building’s main entrance, complimented by a shoot-off demonstration between a brand new Mercedes-Benz UniMog and a classic variant – still capable of setting the standard over the man-made course well into its third decade.

Within the ten halls playing host to hundreds of club displays, autojumble stands and manufacturer celebrations, 70 years of Porsche and the BMW Z1s 40th anniversary to name only two, there is something for every automotive taste.

All tastes catered for!

No matter if you are into supercars, drift machines, agricultural machinery, trucks, sports saloons, rally legends, pre-war rarities, brutal off-roaders or simply the everyday family wagon from the last six decades – there’s a smattering of highly polished, concourse metal awaiting your full attention.

Singular highlights worth tracking down include a Mercedes-Benz 380 Special Roadster, thought to be the only example of this model, and a 1934 Maybach DS 8, of which fewer than ten remain.

A display from Mr Saulius Karosas of the world’s largest collection of ‘Karossier Erdmann & Rossi vehicles’ also makes for excellent viewing; especially as seeing these vehicles in the metal is a seldom found privilege.

At the east entrance to the show rests a special showcase from the MAC (Museum of Art and Cars) Museum, including the Andy Warhol car series, whereas each hall is dedicated to its own mantra.

Have a browse through our show preview for the special classics to hunt down throughout Retro Classics' run before doors close at 6pm on Sunday, March 25.

What’s in each hall at Retro Classics 2018?

Each hall is crammed with the best of each marque, but there are certain stands that are a must. Here are our top picks.

Hall 1

  • L-Bank Forum
  • The upstairs motor gallery
  • Brass Era showcase

Hall 3

  • RETRO Messen GmbH and Hispano Sulza stand - special show appearance

Hall 4

  • Porsche and BMW
  • BMW Z1 at 40
  • ClassicBid Auction (Saturday March 24 at 3pm)
  • 70 years of Porsche sports cars
  • Porsche museum exhibition
  • Short guided tours
  • Autographing slots with Walter Röhrl and Hans Herrman

Hall 5

  • Neo Classics (Rare cars anywhere up to two decades old)
  • American lifestyle and US cars
  • Presentation of international brand clubs

Hall 6 – Oskar Lapp Hall

  • Commercial vehicle exchange
  • Automania

Hall 7 – Italian Hall

  • Italian dealers
  • Vision Up Modena
  • Ducati Club
  • Special show presented by the AMSC Leoberg

Hall 8 - Alfred Kärcher Hall

  • Special show presented by the Bulldog-und Schlepperfreunde Württemberg e.V
  • Classic car clubs
  • Special show presented by the AuwárterMuseum and the Nutzfahrzeug Veteranen Gemeinschaft

Hall 9

  • Large international parts market - accessories and genuine parts for historic and classics cars over an incredible 10,500 square meters.

Hall 10 – Paul Horn Hall

  • Mercedes Benz
  • International premium dealers and restorers
  • Insurance companies
  • Testing bodies
  • Special show to mark 50 years of Irmscher
  • Live music

You can find out more about the upcoming three days with the AutoClassics' Retro Classics preview.

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