Is this Americanized Land Rover Series I good, bad, or ugly?

British engineering meets American V8 power. This Series I restomod will split opinion, but there's no denying that it will turn heads

America and Great Britain have always enjoyed a ‘special relationship’ despite the nature of the two nations being very different. Loud and proud contrasts with well mannered and polite, skyscrapers aren’t akin to cottages, and Bruce Willis movies are very different to that of Colin Firth. This restomod Series I Land Rover found on eBay is a collision of these two worlds… What do you think?

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It started life as a classic 88-inch Series 1 Land Rover from 1957, but presumably after a manually laborious life it was left to deteriorate. Instead of returning it to service as a humble 4x4, someone decide to add a substantial dose ‘MERICA to this British icon. Likely while Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Red White and Blue' was being played at full blast, a 5.2-litre small-block V8 engine was lowered into the nose. An automatic transmission replaces the manual gearbox and a more modern Range Rover steering wheel is nailed to the dashboard.

This overt design spills out from the mechanicals, quite literally, with that Edelbrock air filter sitting proud of the bonnet to create a far more attention grabbing vehicle. Chunky off-road tyres protrude from the bodywork, emblazoned with contrasting BF Goodrich sidewall text. There’s chrome everywhere from the rims, to the large roll cage fitted to this open-top model. This Land Rover restomod certainly has a very ‘Jeep’ look to it.

Series I Land Rovers were introduced in 1948 as an all-terrain vehicle for farmers to tend to their land. While basic in design, this hardy 4x4 proved to be one of the most capable off-roaders money could buy and enjoyed great success. It was adopted as a military vehicle and also proved an invaluable tool for rescue services in later years.

There’s not much more detail available on this UK-US mashup, other than its £9000 ($11,500, €10,200) starting bid, but the owner encourages enquiries. We’re still not sure quite what to make of this modded Land Rover, but we guess it’s better than a Series I being consigned to the scrapheap.

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