The restomod tractor with a 4.2 litre Jaguar engine

This restomod has combined sports car brilliance to tractor utility. And the results could be yours to own

There are some cars, sorry - we mean tractors, that become all the better when a talented tinkerer adds a new feature or upgrades the vehicle to a better specification than what the factory could achieve.

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This restomod tractor was originally built in 1953, and had to work for several decades before it was mated with its current engine, a 4.2-litre in-line DOHC six cylinder Jaguar unit from 1985, which appeared in the Series III XJ. 

This isn’t the only feature of the tractor that’s been given a considerable boost, with a four-speed manual transmission with overdrive; a potentially useful tool for high-speed tractor runs.

With such a powerful engine, a custom frame and mounts were needed to accomodate the engine and front axle. Or at least that would be if it was just the engine and front axle, because this custom built tractor also includes a 12 volt electrical system, an alternator, a full set of shiny dash gauges including fuel level, a custom intake manifold with 4-barrel carburetor, electronic ignition, a 20 gallon fuel tank with a electric pump, GPS, an aluminum radiator, a full-size passenger seat with belts. A lengthy list, but it does take a lot for your classic sports car buyer to have their attention moved towards a tractor...

It’s finished in Jaguar Silver and Chrysler Dark Grey Metallic, two classic sports car colors, and the sale is accompanied by a complete build history from the previous owner. With the modifications that have been made, it would certainly make for interesting reading. It’s currently located in Bonner Springs, Kansas, and there’s no word if it’s collection only. But if it were, try to remember you’re in a sports car and not a tractor, sorry I meant the other way round.

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