Reborn Porsche 935 'Moby Dick' racer packs 690bhp

A birthday gift to its fans, Porsche reveals a reborn 935 'Moby Dick' racer to celebrate 70 years. Just 77 of these rare machines will be built

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Porsche has embraced its 70th birthday in 2018 with global celebrations, special edition cars, and plenty of history on display. From Porsche No.1s world tour to the 911 Speedster concept car, it has been a great year for Porsche fans. The German brand knowns it has a loyal following, and so it now has a gift for them. The iconic Porsche 356 has been reborn.

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Based on the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the new track-only Porsche 935 harks back to the aerodynamic 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’ that competed at Le Mans and Silverstone. Launched at the Rennsport Reunion, the stripped-out racer produces 690bhp via a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre flat-six engine. Performance is transferred to the rear wheels through a seven-speed gearbox. Just 77 examples will be produced at a cost of £625,000 ($816,371) each.

The Porsche 935 is one of the sports car manufacturer’s most visually iconic racing cars from its 70-year back-catalogue. New Group 5 racing regulations gave designers much more freedom when penning their racers. A divisive styling change that ditched the 911s distinctive bulbous headlamps in place of a more aerodynamic sympathetic ‘flat-nose’ design gave Porsche’s most historic model a totally new appearance. This design was evolved by project engineer Norbert Singer and culminated in the 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’. The exaggerated bodywork of the 935/78 housed an 845hp 3.2-litre flat-six engine — one of the most powerful engines of its type to date.

Its first outing was the Silverstone 6 Hours endurance race, where it qualified on pole with a lap time only four seconds slower than a period McLaren Formula 1 car. The Moby Dick car won the race convincingly, a good springboard onto Le Mans. During the legendary French endurance race, the 935/78 clocked the fastest top speed down the Mulsanne straight, reaching 228mph. However, the car was thirsty and ultimately finished 8th.

Deliveries on the new Porsche 935 are expected to begin in June 2019.

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