Quiz: Can you guess these Petersen exhibits from their close-ups?

Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is considered one of the greatest collections of cars worldwide. Can you guess their exhibits based on these close-ups?

On Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles lies America's answer to a classic car mecca, the Petersen Automotive Museum. Filled with several hundred cars and host to car meet-ups on its roof once a month, it's a must-visit destination for any car fan visiting the US West Coast.

From time to time their permanent collection receives an influx of fresh vehicles from special exhibitions, meaning each visit often offers up something new to see in person that are often only seen in books or in pictures online.

So, how well do you know what's on show? Our quiz will challenge your classic car knowledge, showing you a zoomed in image of an exhibit from which you must guess the car in question. Can you score a perfect eight? We'll be mightly impressed if so!

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