This Porsche restomod company only makes one car a year

Porsche customisation and restoration is a popular market, and this Hamburg firm is considered one of the best with its one-car annual output

The general idea is the more times you do something, the better you get at it. The Wagenbauanstalt restoration company in Hamburg, Germany has other ideas, taking on just one project to build a year.

Restoration can be a poor descriptor of what this company does, as it focuses on premium conversions and sometimes all-new creations based on the underpinnings of a classic, most frequently a Porsche. This isn’t run of the mill work, and each project is extremely exclusive and has to meet the high expectations of the clientele. So although only one project a year is being taken on, hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue is made when each one is complete.

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The boss and founder of the company, Oliver Kaps, has been fascinated by cars since childhood and is proud to be what is essentially the smallest automotive manufacturer in Germany. We are the smallest manufactory in Germany. We manufacture one vehicle per year. A tailored suit on four wheels. That's what we call driveable art,’ he says. The 'we' includes several coachbuilders, saddlers, engine specialists and a varnisher.

He is involved from the very beginning of each project, which starts with picking which potential customer of a hand-picked selection to say yes to, and right to the end where the finished product is sold on. Previous classic conversions include a 1993 Porsche 911 Werksturbo, enhanced to be better performing yet also more luxurious.

Most of the car’s panels have been replaced, as well as handmade sills and bumpers. The wheel rims were also upgraded, while the car’s paint job, applied in 30 layers, has been changed to a Candy-Fade-Away (an interpretation of a dark green).

Porsche supplies engine, transmission and brake components for Wagenbauanstalt, as well as the beige interior, meaning this car is really no less of a Porsche than it was before. Purists may object to the 1940s Lincoln door handles and hand-polished decoration, but these types of vehicles are for a picked and picky clientele, and its distinguishable as being a Wagenbauanstalt-built creation with the company name in 24 caratt gold lettering.

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