Porsche Racing’s Volkswagen Type 2 up for grabs!

A Volkswagen Type 2 bus boasting Porsche Racing Service provenance has appeared for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds

Porsche employed no end of service vehicles, yet no others come with the utilitarian charm of Volkswagen’s Type 2 bus. It comes as no surprise to find that Porsche employed so many of Germany’s kitsch workhorse to support various racing activities, yet finding a genuine survivor is tricky.

Run into the ground when scraping the bottom of the value trough, long before the humble Type 2 reached automotive immortality, the majority of Volkswagen ‘Campervans’ were whisked away for scrap. The market currently goes mad for a healthy Type 2, and that’s exactly what we have here. There’s even a chunk of extra provenance for those who enjoy historical derivation.

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There’s little information to go with this 1976 Volkswagen Type 2, but what can be deduced is that Porsche claimed it as part of their racing service fleet. Tools, drivers, gearboxes, alcohol, women; you name it, and it’s probably been in there. Probably all at the same time…

Located in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the bus itself appears to be in rude health. Cream paintwork remains infamous for showing tale tail signs of rust and corrosion, yet there are no signs of unwelcome erosion bubbling beneath the surface. The interior also radiates evidence that this Volkswagen has either been restored or fastidiously cared for.

Examples built after 1968 boasted improved suspension and visibility, powered by the 1679cc air-cooled flat-four, of which this specific vehicle harbours at the rear. There’s also disc brakes to finish off the package.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s loads of Campers out there, yet very few can lay claim to Porsche heritage like this one. Get a closer look with the AutoClassics classifieds’ advert.

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