Porsche unveils ‘Project Gold’ 993 Turbo – and it’s for sale!

Porsche's long-teased 'Project Gold' 993 Turbo has been unveiled at last – and it'll be sold to the highest bidder by RM Sotheby's during their Porsche auction in two months' time

Porsche has finally unmasked its long awaited ‘Project Gold’ 993 Turbo restoration project and will sell it to the highest bidder, joining RM Sotheby’s Porsche 70th anniversary sale in October to raise funds for the charitable Ferry Porsche Foundation.

Secretly working away over the past 18 months, engineers at Porsche Classic have created the first ever in-house restomod Porsche 911, continuing a trend popularised by restoration firm Singer Vehicle Design and others in recent years.

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Many of these restomod 911s are based around older 964 and original 911 examples, making Porsche’s decision to base theirs around a 1998 993 Turbo somewhat unusual.

Porsche has taken their restoration process to extremes, replacing every single component on its donor 993 and retaining only the original body shell. There are slight changes to the original 993 Turbo specification but ‘Project Gold’ is more restoration than modification.

Featuring newly applied Golden Yellow Metallic paint, matching one of its current 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series range colour options, ‘Project Gold’ also features 993 Turbo S side air intakes, available as an optional extra on the original 993 Turbo.

Though over 6500 new parts produced by Porsche Classic have been used, all are true to original period specification.

A brand new 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat six engine has been built from the ground up, designed to the exact specification used for the 993 Turbo S and producing the same 450bhp. Also period-correct is its six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel-drive system.

Unlike other restomods this ‘Project Gold’ car is considered a brand new vehicle, assigned a brand new chassis number, one number higher than the final 993 Turbo model that rolled off the Porsche production line in 1998.

Issuing a new production number does come with a complication, by making a 20 year old car subject to modern certification standards. This means ‘Project Gold’ is not road legal, leaving it restricted to track day sessions and other activities on private land.

However, most potential buyers of Porsche’s unique 993 Turbo restomod are unlikely to be put off by that detail. It may well become the world’s most expensive Porsche 993 in two months’ time when being auctioned off during RM Sotheby’s Porsche 70th anniversary event, being held at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta on October 27.

The current world record sale price for a 993 generation Turbo is €1,344,000, set by a Cabriolet version built by Porsche Exclusive in 1995 which was also sold by RM Sotheby’s, at their Paris sale last year.

Proceeds will go to the Ferry Porsche Foundation, recently founded by Porsche as a charitable organisation aimed at tackling social issues while improving education and youth development.

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