Is Porsche about to reveal its first-ever restomod 911?

We think Porsche will unveil its first in-house restomod, Project Gold, to the world at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Here’s what we know so far...

For weeks now, Porsche’s Classic division has been teasing us with various glimpses of a new ‘restomod’ vehicle, Project Gold. According to Porsche itself, the car has been in the works since approximately February last year. With so much time invested, anticipation is high.

For decades Porsche specialists and restoration companies have been modifying 911s during restoration, with these six versions among the most revered in a busy marketplace of dedicated Porsche restoration firms.

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We’re getting closer to its unveiling, with August 24 pencilled in as the big day when the world gets to see Porsche’s finished product at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. But what is already known about the first ‘works’ Porsche restomod?

993 origins

Our first glimpse of the car’s physical form was a paint-stripped 993 Turbo bodyshell, sitting in amongst other 911 models in Porsche Classic’s basement.

We expect therefore a similar, perhaps slightly tweaked twin-turbocharged 3.6L flat-six to feature. The original Turbo engine packed 402bhp – what might this one have behind those rear wheels?

Laser-etched Technology wheels

Hollow-spoke ‘Technology’ wheels were an optional extra on the 993 Turbo in-period. We’re more used to seeing these in their iconic silver coating, but Porsche has gone in a different direction here, continuing with a black and gold motif that permeates every inch of the car’s appearance.

Keen to try something different, Porsche gave the set of alloys being fitted to its Project Gold restomod an initial coat of gold paint before a subsequent spray of black.

In something of an ‘old meets new technology’ exercise; it’s even gone to the effort of laser etching away some of that final black coating to reveal the gold underneath.

Reupholstered interior

A reupholstered interior was bound to be in the works and, unsurprisingly, that black and gold theme continues inside the 993 restomod.

It’s still got standard 993 Turbo-style seats, but with gold stitching woven into the black leather, and a gold ‘Turbo’ logo worked into the headrest. There’s even a pair of gold racing stripes running from top to bottom. Classy.

Going for a dip

Our penultimate glimpse at Project Gold comes courtesy of its cathodic-dip painting process. It’s got something to do with charged particles, with the 993’s bodyshell being a negative and the vat of paint it’s being bathed in being positively charged. Or in plain English, it gives a nice, even paint job.

It’s a similar process as is used for normal Porsche models, and takes only a small fragment of the total build time of 18 months.

Final assembly

With one week to go until the big unveil, Porsche released its final teaser. We get our first glimpse of the engine being fitted to its 993 Turbo S housing, a 3.6-litre six-cylinder bi-turbo that’s been built entirely from scratch for this special vehicle.

Porsche has also confirmed that this brand-new engine will produce 450bhp, which interestingly means there’s no extra horsepower compared with engines built for the 993 Turbo S in-period.

As we said, it’s not long now until the big reveal on Friday, August 24, with the unveiling expected at Monterey Car Week. Stay tuned!

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