New Porsche 935 'Moby Dick' caught testing

Porsche's new retro racing car has been caught testing in Italy. This 'Moby Dick' inspired Porsche 935 looks even better in motion.

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Last week Porsche surprised us all with the unveiling of a modern-day incarnation of its iconic 935 ‘Moby Dick’ racer. This retro model was revealed at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion to the excitement of the sports car brand’s enthusiastic following. Now we get our first glimpse of it in action!

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A picture may speak a thousand words, but video can converse so much more. Caught testing by Car HD Videos on Ferrari’s turf at the Monza Formula One circuit in Italy, the new 935 looks and sounds incredible. The powerful twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre flat-six engine surges this super sports car down the straights, while its ‘Moby Dick’ inspired bodywork creates the downforce necessary to keep it glued to the track.

The new Porsche 935 is based upon the latest 911 GT2 RS, meaning that it packs 690bhp and rear-wheel drive. Swapping cogs is taken care of by a seven-speed gearbox and a set of paddles mounted to the motorsport steering wheel. Just 77 examples of this track-only car will be produced at a cost of £625,000 ($816,371) each.

The original Porsche 935 was not have been the success its creators were hoping for, it won only one race, but its distinctive whale-tale profile made it instantly recognisable. New Group 5 racing regulations of the time gave designers much more freedom when penning their racers, and as Norbert Singer developed the 935, it became more extreme. It might have only finished 8th at Le Mans, but it did manage to clock the fastest top speed of the race at 228mph.

This new car wasn’t restricted by rules and regulations to ensure that designers has the required freedom to recreate the 935’s silhouette, however, that also means that it isn’t eligible for conventional race series. Aston Martin, McLaren and Ferrari have produced track-only toys once the past few years.

Love the idea of a reborn 935 or hate it, this is an exciting thing to behold, especially when racing at full-chat.

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