Call 911 for the coolest Porsche police car ever

Just 20 of these 2.7 RS engined police cars were delivered to the Belgium Police for rapid response. Petrolicious tells the story of this restored icon.

In the hopefully rare case of needing to call the police, you want officers on their way as a matter of urgency. Most of the time you’ll get a diesel Vauxhall Astra arriving at the scene with as much urgency as it can muster in the UK, or a dime-a-dozen Ford Crown Victoria in the US. But often police forces do have a few special vehicles squirrelled away for when more horsepower is needed. In Petrolicious’ latest film, they tell the tale of an iconic 1976 Porsche 911 Targa police car used to great effect in Belgium.

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Designed for rapid response duties, over 1000 police cars were delivered by Porsche to help empower swifter justice to the world’s police forces. Belgium had several notable cars on its national fleet including a few Volkswagen Golf GTI and BMW 2002s, but the most famed was the Porsche 911 Targa.

Not just any Targa, either. These cars were fitted with an engine originally designed for the Carrera 2.7 RS, giving them in excess of 200bhp. Just 20 were built with each becoming the world’s fastest police car in period.

Why a Targa? The removable roof allowed the passenger to stand and direct traffic from within the car. Modified for the task at hand, these Targas were kitted out with a protruding blue light, sirens, communication equipment, and the distinctive orange stripe of the Belgium police. These vehicles ran almost 24 hours a day with driver changes often occurring without the ignition being turned off.

Ari Epstein worked on his own investigation to find out what happened to these rare police cars over two years. Checking registrations, VINs, reports, and car histories. Just three examples survived their time with the Police due to accidents or clocking up to 500,000km. He managed to find an original car that’s verified as being one of the 20 cars that served its country, and with a bit of restoration, this Porsche looks fit for duty once more.

Make sure you check out the Petrolicious video as it is full of the fantastic storytelling and cinematography they are known for.

Could this be one of the coolest Porsche 911 out there? We think so.

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