Stunning new Porsche 911 restomod from Poland

Two successful Polish rally drivers, Michal Maluszynski and Krzysztof Holowczyc, have developed a highly modified 911, which they unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed

People who crave a classic Porsche but find living with one on a daily basis a bit challenging, may soon find a solution to their dilemma. An artisanal Polish company has just introduced a new addition to the currently available resto-mod 911s.

The Homa RS company was created by Michal Maluszynski, a famous Polish off-road rally driver with a passion for collecting and restoring air-cooled Porsches, and Krzysztof Holowczyc, Poland's best known rally driver, the 1997 European Rally Champion.

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Holowczyc, who had a picture of a 1972-'73 Carrera RS on his wall as a teenager, has always wanted to have a similar car but altered in such a manner as to make everyday use as pleasant as running one on track.

Joining forces, they created a car which has the body dimensions and the footprint of the original, but is based on 993 underpinnings, and is powered by a lightly breathed-on 993 engine. Their philosophy is to make the car lighter instead of further tampering with the powerplant, and for it to be truly user-friendly.

The suspension is fully adjustable, using Bilstein dampers, and the car can run carbon-ceramic 997 brakes with ABS. The suspension set-up was performed by Holowczyc both on race circuits and on public roads, and strikes a compromise between ultimate race track performance and a benign behaviour on the road.

Cooperating with Michelin, the two creators of the Homa RS have picked two types of tyre which suit the car perfectly. The car rides smoothly over bumps and holds no nasty surprises in terms of handling for the uninitiated: it feels slightly better balanced than a standard 993, and the huge brakes (housed inside specially chosen brand new Fuchs wheels) inspire confidence. And yes, it sounds the way it should, with a bespoke exhaust emphasising the air-cooled Porsche purr and burble.

Each car is a bespoke build, lasting several months, with all parts used in the build being either brand new or refurbished to an 'as-new' standard. Most of the body remains made of steel, but with an extensive use of composites which improve the power to weight ratio. The car can be equipped with air conditioning, electric windows and central door locking, electrically-adjustable seats, a bespoke sound system, full LED lighting.

The customer not only can choose the body colour but also the upholstery fabrics and leathers, as well as the stitching and individual details. The Polish-built restomod 911s can be used as daily drivers, as a great emphasis has been placed on reliability and the general excellence of the artisanal work performed.

On today's roads a 911 with these compact dimensions, but with the added refinement of the 993-based suspension, seems like a perfect weapon in which a commute to work may become a perfect complement to track day fun at the weekend.

Enough said. For more information visit the Homa RS website..

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