Porsche 356 replica knocked into London canal

A Chesil Speedster has been knocked into a canal after a careless delivery van driver bumped into it. The car is expected to be irreparable

If you own a car that you feel lucky to have on your driveway, you’ll likely be very careful with it when taking it for a spin. Giving trucks a wide birth, avoiding potholes, and parking it somewhere safe are all sensible precautions. However, as careful as you might be, it only takes one careless driver to bring tears to your eyes. That’s what happened to this Porsche 356 replica that ended up in a river.

So it’s not the real thing (thank god), but not all of us can afford a rare Porsche 356. The car in question was a Chisel Speedster which to the untrained eye could pass as the original Porsche sports car. These hand-built cars are crafted in the UK and are produced to a very high standard. 'Chesil's attention to detail and high standard of workmanship, along with an ongoing policy of development and improvement, has ensured the longevity of this timeless classic.'

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The incident took place in Islington, London at around midday when a delivery van bumped the 2004 Chesil Speedster into Regent's Canal. The blue sports car unceremoniously sank to the bottom of the canal — thankfully only a few feet deep — after being thumped by the Ford Transit van. There appears to be only minor physical damage, but obviously the flooding of the sports car is a far greater issue.

The Chesil Speedster was an item of stock at the nearby AutoVero showroom. The Daily Mail spoke to owner and director Kalvin Cauldwell who said 'I was with a mechanic dealing with a Ferrari and I heard a smashing noise, then I was looking around and it was the canal.’ According to the report the van just missed a classic Mercedes that could have met the same fate.

It is expected that the Speedster will be a total loss once insurers inspect the damage.

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