Petersen Automotive Museum to host ‘Outlaw’ Porsche Panel

Celebrating all things underground Porsche culture with a new 'Outlaw' panel, the Petersen Automotive museum will host craftsmen and icons from the Porsche Hot Rod world during an exclusive event

Following on from the success of ‘The Porsche Effect’ exhibition housed within the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Californian establishment will now play host to a follow-up panel discussion that celebrates the visual importance of the Stuttgart-based sportscar maker. Particularly, the ‘Outlaw’ Porsche collection.

Led by Porsche collector and presenter Spike Feresten, the panel will gather on March 25, welcoming:

  • Freeman Thomas
  • Bruce Meyer
  • Patrick Long
  • Rod Emory
  • Bruce Canepa
  • Betim Berisha
  • Marco Gerace
  • Dave Bouzaglou

The focus is specifically on the ‘Outlaw’ subculture and its relevance to Southern California.

Standing out from the crowd with their racing stance and rally-inspired modifications, ‘Outlaw’ Porsche 356s first received their name from Porsche purists and aficionados, who considered the vehicle’s heavily-altered and tuned bodies to be against the laws of taste.

However, since then ‘Outlaw’ Porsches have transformed into something of a popular façade of not only collector’s items with a large enthusiast base, but also of Concours events.

Throughout the panel event, participants will discuss the growing popularity of the movement, examining how the Southern Californian hot rod culture aided the development of the ‘Outlaw’ into a cult icon.

The concept of hot-rodding early 911s will be further explored, covering the history of the quasi-underground R-Gruppe car club and its lasting legacy with devoted Porsche followers worldwide.

‘Due to the incredible success of ‘The Porsche Effect,’ we have organized yet another opportunity for Checkered Flag members and Porsche enthusiasts to learn more about the legendary German marque,’ explained Petersen Executive Director Terry L. Karges.

‘This time around, we will recognize and discuss a vital movement in the Porsche community, the “Outlaw” subculture, which has spurred a generation of dedicated fans in Los Angeles with its roots in the canyons of Southern California.’

In anticipation of the programmed discussion, attendees are encouraged to drive their Porsches to the morning cruise-in at 0800. Advised to park on the fourth floor of the museum parking structure, all guests can register and enjoy the free breakfast and coffee on offer, promptly at 10am in the William E. Connor Penthouse.

You can find out more information and buy tickets through the Petersen Automotive website.

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