This is the perfect house for classic car enthusiasts

Looking to buy a property that will house all your cherished classic cars? This Australian home comes with a garage larger than the house itself...

This beach house not far from Adelaide, Australia is different to most. While most high-end real estate is offered purely to those who go skiing and enjoy shooting poor people for sport, this one is geared towards the petrolhead; albeit it wealthy ones, probably with double-barrelled surnames.

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Situated within a quiet residential cul-de-sac, boasting lush lawns and a myriad of decadent grandeur, this A$335,000 home is advertised as a three-bedroom property, offering utmost privacy and seclusion, positioned directly opposite a large nature reserve.

Accompanying the house is a 14-car lockup, physically larger than the human abode itself. The garage provides locked storage and a workshop boasting power for all manner of restoration tools, or dissections. The ample warehouse accommodates an additional roller door to access the rear yard too, so nobody can witness your automotive acts.

Interestingly, the rear yard connects the garage and accompanying laundry room, great for getting stains out of boiler suits immediately.

Renovated from the ground up, the O’Sullivan Beach home has been installed with the garage extension only recently and, for the environmentalists out there, you’ll be glad to know that solar panels help keep the garage – and house – powered.

Bringing the garage into the house, the floors are constructed of polished wood, making for a wipe-clean surface. Handy for when trapping oil – or blood – through the front door. The kitchen is described as containing ‘a gas stove to bake all your creations to perfection’ – we can only assume this means brake pads. Or Lyme.

Adjoining the kitchen is an open plan dining and living area, perfect for stripping down engines and interior components, or setting up a home cinema playing Group B rally footage on an endless loop.

On a serious note, this property would make the perfect accommodation for any petrolhead family. But if you’re interested you’ll need to be quick, for 44 Sullivan Terrace is being pulled off the market tomorrow. Get a look at the house here.

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