Beatles ‘Penny Lane’ Mini commissioned by McCartney for sale

One of two ‘Penny Lane’ Minis commissioned by Paul McCartney to promote the 1968 song has appeared for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds

Penny Lane might not just be in your ears and your eyes, it could be on your driveway. The ultra-unique and seldom seen 1968 Morris Mini-Minor used to promote The Beatles 1968 single Penny Lane is up for sale! And it could be yours for $25,000 (£19,600)...

Covered in 4000 pre-1968 coins (alas, now out of circulation) and coated in lacquer to prevent oxidation, the bespoke Mini was built to commemorate the Beatles’ chart-topping single, drawing media interest from far and wide. McCartney was already a fan of the swinging 1960s' peoples' car, resulting in his proposed campaign to showcase the Mini with the band and outside mainstream record shops.

You can view the car [here] or scroll down for more details.

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According to reports, McCartney commissioned at least two ‘Penny Lane’ Minis for promotional work, one of which is currently located in the Cornish Goldsmith mining attraction and the other, it is claimed, presented here. However, there are various reports of a third vehicle in existence, residing in North America, and a number of copycat replicas out there.

The coating of pennies adds around 200 pounds to the Mini’s kerb weight, but the vehicle remains fully drivable; originally owned and used by a company in England for promotional purposes.

The company eventually went under and one of the former employers bought the car for himself. He and his family then enjoyed the car for over 25 years, attending car shows and offering prizes for those who could guess the correct number of coins upon the bodywork.

After decades of close scrutiny, people have pointed out a host of rare coins under the lacquer originate from the late 1800s – probably worth more than most classic Minis currently on the market.

The family estimated that the car, over the years, raised up to £750,000 for local charities in the Liverpool area before a new owner exported the Mini to the U.S.A in 2002.

The current vendor is asking for $25,000 – which could be a significant bargain for those seeking Beatles’ memorabilia. Get a closer look with the AutoClassics listing.

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