Opel Manta ends up sunk at the bottom of an English river

Thieves stole an Opel Manta from West Bromwich – near to major British city Birmingham – and gave it an undeserving end, sitting in the bottom of a river

For as long as there have been automobiles, there’s been car theft. Stealing vehicles has become a staple of our culture, so much so that it spawned and entire video game franchise; Grand Theft Auto. Although GTA offers escapist fun via the games console, the act has devastating consequences in reality.

A heartless British thief nicked one owner’s treasured blue Opel Manta on October 3 this year and, after a month of investigation by West Bromwich Police, authorities finally tracked the car down – sunk to the bottom of a local river.

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Dumped in the River Tame, only a few miles from Birmingham and a stone’s throw away from the local Yew Tree Estate in West Bromwich, the Opel has most likely been sat in the river since the day it was stolen. Its pristine blue shade is already damaged by a coating of mud and a month-long soak sleeping with the fishes.

‘Mindless beyond belief. We have found the car submerged in the Tame River near the Yew Tree Estate,’ tweeted West Bromwich Police.

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate yet near inevitable facet of car ownership for many. But it’s the manner in which the crooks ‘disposed’ of this classic Opel that really hurts as vehicle enthusiasts.

As the case of the recently stolen Land Rover Series II Chassis #64 shows, classic car owners generally don’t care much for tracking down and exacting revenge on those who steal their treasured vehicles. More than anything, they want them back in one piece. Insurance payouts don’t cover sentimental value, or the countless hours spent on maintaining one’s pride and joy.

Though the car was long gone before the police could intervene, we’ve got to hat tip their compassion in this case too. We’ve all been there; something gets stolen and there’s little to nothing the police can do but, at least, they seem to share our pain.

‘If you have any information on the idiots responsible call 101 or 0800 111555,’ said the West Bromwich Twitter account for West Midlands Police. Succinct and to the point.

If you do happen to live in the Yew Tree Estate area and know something concerning the Opel Manta’s disappearance, we’d urge you to get in touch with PCs Guttridge and O’Connor on the numbers above.

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