Porsche is officially making a new 911 Speedster

The fourth generation of 911 Speedsters will happen, and it's coming next year in limited numbers!

A fourth generation of the Porsche 911 Speedster will officially go into production according to Porsche. The open top two-seater sports car will be a limited run special just like its predecessor, and will run to 1948 units, to mark the year Porsche first started producing cars 70 years ago.

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The first Porsche roadster was of course the 356, the brand's first production car, and its looks have been handed down through the generations so you can still see the influences of the post-war car in the design of the new Speedster. The inspiration for the 356 Speedster came from the need to take a larger portion of the American market in the early 50s.

As predicted, it was a hit in the US, and fans have been savouring over Porsche's Speedsters ever since. The traditional raked windscreen and lightweight roof are features that have continued into the new 911 model, with the biggest difference being the price. This new Speedster is certainly not cheap.

The pictures of the new car show it in a traditional Guards Red finish, a reference to the 1988 911 Speedster. The use of red and black continues throughout the car, enhancing its sporty appearance. Production will start in 2019, one year late in regards to 70th anniversary celebrations, but don't see this as Porsche not giving it the love that it should, as it's being developed by Porsche Motorsport.

Customisation will be a significant part of the Speedster's appeal, being offered with the new Heritage Design Packages, giving more freedom to the customer than those who buy regular 911s. Design influences also comes from Porsche's GT racing cars, including cross-spoke wheels, tinted day-time running lights and 'Talbot' shaped exterior mirrors.

Distinguishing it from other 911 is of course the lack of roof, which is replaced by a lightweight Tonneau cover, fitted with Tenax buttons. The window frames have been shortened and lowered, making the carbon fibre rear bonnet behind the seats, with a double bubble cover, even more noticeable.

The use of carbon fibre and GT expertise means this car is light, and should be capable of more than 500bhp at 9000rpm from its naturally aspirated flat-six engine. Just like the olden days, it has a manual six-speed gearbox, and has had a specially designed exhaust system fitted.

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