Building begins on new £1.6m Jim Clark Museum

A rotating line-up of ex-Clark F1 cars and a programme aimed at training aspiring mechanics will feature in the publicly funded museum due to open next year

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Building has started on the new £1.6 million Jim Clark Museum, marked by a ceremony in Duns during a weekend dedicated to commemorating 50 years since Clark’s death.

A selection of ex-Clark Lotus grand prix cars plus a Cortina touring car featured in the celebrations of his life, headlined by his sister Isobel waving a chequered then green flag to mark the forthcoming closing of Duns’ long-established Jim Clark Room and the start of the new building.

The new museum will feature a rotating cast of at least two of Clark’s race cars on display at any one time, in addition to his trophies and other attractions.

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Clark’s cousin Doug Niven said: ‘[Jim’s] legacy just grows and grows and this is why this museum by public demand and support is being built.

‘The Council said, “look, we need to expand this as people keep coming and asking what’s happening to the museum because it was needing to be moved on a bit”.’

‘We hope eventually to have up to six or eight cars.

‘It’ll bring people back time and time again. At the moment if you’ve been to see the trophies you don’t need to come back as there’s not much else. But with the different cars people will want to see what kind of cars they are.’

Another addition to the upgraded museum is a workshop with a classic car, to give up-and-coming mechanics a unique learning experience.

‘We’ll have a classic car being dismantled and rebuilt by a professional mechanic, so we can bring young mechanics and trainees from Borders colleges and garages to there to learn how to work on these sort of cars,’ Niven added.

The current Jim Clark Room will close at the end of May and the new museum is scheduled to open in April 2019. It was helped by £300,000 of public donations, as well as by Council, Lottery and private funding.

For more information on either the current or new museum click here.

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