McLaren Special Operations creates retro liveries for 570S

McLaren's road car division has turned to its scientists for three special retro liveries – available exclusively on the 570S supercar. However, if you want one you'll have to be quick...

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McLaren of Beverly Hills has called upon McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to commission ‘Racing Through the Ages’, a set of retro liveries for the 570S road car. This is set to be ultimately exclusive, with just one Coupé and one Spider carrying an example of each scheme.

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The collection was revealed during ‘An Evening with MSO’ event in Beverly Hills, and was split into three themes: Muriwai, Papaya Spark and Sarthe Grey.

Beyond the paint scheme, the MSO influence can be seen in the bespoke rear wing, exterior GT4 racing stripe, ten-spoke lightweight forged wheels and an MSO Defined Titanium SuperSports Exhaust.

The MSO logo is stitched into the interior, alongside a ‘1 of 6 – RACING THROUGH THE AGES’ plate verifying its rarity. If these cars were to end up on the market in the near future, they’d be sure to sell at a high price. Here’s all you need to know:


This celebrates Bruce McLaren’s early years racing in New Zealand as a teenager, and is represented by a Defined White finish, inspired by the white and blue waves of Muriwai Beach; the location of McLaren’s first race as a driver.

It was also the name of the house he later built in Woking, which he painted in the same colours. The MSO paint job extends to the endplates of the 570S rear wing, which also features the ‘Speedy Kiwi’ logo in McLaren Orange.

Papaya Spark

Honouring McLaren’s motorsport success in the 1960s and ‘70s, and a colour which has returned to popularity in McLaren’s Formula 1 cars today, Papaya Spark is an evolution of the original papaya colour McLaren chose for his racing cars as it became a international success story in F1, Can-Am and the Indianapolis 500 – a race the team has recently returned to.

The fixed rear wing of the 570S is finished in Burton Blue with Papaya Spark endplates, a homage to the blue spoilers that dominated the rear of McLaren’s Can-Am racing cars.

Sarthe Grey

A colour not often remembered within McLaren’s long history, this has been inspired the manufacturer’s dominant Le Mans 24 Hours victory with the F1 GTR in 1995 – the only time a manufacturer has won the race on its debut.

The MSO Defined Sarthe Grey colour obviously tries to emulate the colour of the race-winning F1 GTR#01, and named after Circuit de la Sarthe, the host venue of Le Mans. The rear wing endplates are also finished in the paint, with “24 HEURES DU MANS – WINNERS 1995” in white lettering.

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