Can you get 305bhp from a Defender? JE Motorworks think so!

Fancy pumping your Land Rover Defender with extra oomph? JE Motorworks are offering an all-out package to give your 2.3-litre Defender a boost – and the order books are open!

As you may be aware, standard 2.3-litre Land Rover Defenders can measure their 0-60mph sprint on a sundial. But now there is a cure! The order books are open for JE MotorWorks’ 305bhp/432Nm 2.3 EcoBoost Defender conversion – giving your Defender more power than a Porsche 718 Cayman.

JE chairman, Jonathan Douglas, has confirmed that the first production car has successfully completed shakedown testing. Although best known for powering a range of Ford commercial vehicles – mainly Transit vans, the 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine has proven remarkably apt for being tuned.  

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‘The performance of the 2.3 EcoBoost would have been the stuff of science fiction when the first Defenders were designed and produced. But this motor has a feel of both belonging in the car, and being discreetly beyond expectation,’ Jonathan said.

‘The character is completely different from the diesels and V8s, but will appeal to audiences and markets who consider economy and emissions - relative, of course, in something as big as a Defender - to be of importance.’

‘And 305bhp alongside 432Nm are not to be sniffed at. After all, the 2.5 petrol Defender engine was 80bhp and 175Nm, the most recent diesel 122bhp and 360Nm.’

Established in 1975, JE specialises in the modification, enhancing and tuning of all contemporary petrol and diesel Land Rovers alongside classic Solihull models. Not only that, but the firm’s Siskin Drive HQ, near Coventry Airport, bestows all manner of TVR and Ford models with injections of extra grunt. Oh yeah, and this 475bhp Zulu Defender...

‘Current-day demand dictates that every vehicle range needs to have a model that pushes emissions and economy to the fore,’ Johnathon continued. ‘But a combination of JE know-how and engineering capability, and the availability of increasingly-impressive OE manufacturer powerplants, has led to our development of the Defender 2.3 Ecoboost.’
‘Basic 2.3 conversion - taking the original powerplant in exchange - is priced at £17,400 including VAT. Customers may wish to add brakes, suspension and other upgrades at extra cost. The inclusion of a Tiptronic 6-speed auto, taking the original gearbox in exchange, is £27,000 inclusive of VAT," said Jonathan.

‘We've customised and adapted several elements of the installation which actually help keep costs down.’

You can find out more when visiting the JE Engineering website.

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