Morris Minor outfoxes police in high-speed chase

You’ve read that right. This is the moment a stolen 1967 Morris Minor outfoxed a pursuing police car with some high-speed mayhem through a British town

Welcome back to the 1970s – where men wore flares, women sought a Purdy ‘New Avengers’ haircut and criminals stole Morris Minors. Except, the video you are about to watch wasn’t filmed in 1977, the footage originates from a few days ago…

In a scene lifted straight from The Sweeney, this video captures the moment a stolen 1967 Morris Minor – bearing ‘L’ plates and flashing its warning lights – performed a risky, almost skilled, manoeuvre to outsmart pursuing police offers through a junction.

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Running a red light before darting through oncoming traffic, the Minor weaved around at high-speed (probably 40mph in a 30mph zone...) before disappearing into the suburbs of Ravenscliffe, West Yorkshire.

While we can’t condone such unlawful behaviour, our hat is tipped to the driver – as such acts in a 51-year old machine are undoubtedly impressive. Besides outrunning the local police force with a grand total of 48bhp under the bonnet, and the handling abilities of an intoxicated giraffe, keeping nerve to tackle the situation with gusto when braking distances can be measured in kilometres is worthy of merit.

Of course, the Morris Minor's capabilities when the going gets tough have been showcased before, such as this car chase from 1995 Brit-caper The Steal:

Unlike most classic car horror thefts, the Minor was found 45-minutes later relatively unharmed. No arrests have yet been made, but the theft and subsequent chase highlights a continuing threat to our classic cars.

Speed and aesthetics with older machines may not appeal to everyone, but criminals will whip your pride and joy away regardless. Keeping you classic vehicle safe should always be a paramount concern – whether it’s a garage, hidden tracker or clutchclaw.

This story has a happy ending. Don’t let it be your classic that’s featured next time, as it doesn’t always end with a complete car being found.

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