Hot British classics head to auction with Morris Leslie

Hard as it may be to believe, we’re already more than halfway through British summertime but that won’t stop five hot classics from the UK being auctioned on Saturday, August 18 with Morris Leslie

The British Summer has been unusually generous this year. Lengthy bouts of uninterrupted sunshine have combined with record temperatures to make even the hardiest of Brits seek out leafy shade, but for how much longer will it last? It's been glorious – yet even if winter were to set in tomorrow, Morris Leslie would keep things sizzling with their selection of hot British classics up for grabs in Errol, Scotland on August 18.

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Over 25 motorcars from UK marques will soon head under the hammer courtesy of Morris Leslie Auctions, offering a prime opportunity to purchase a British classic and forget this particularly pleasant summer will soon make way for chillier weather. Here’s what we’re eyeing up …

1989 Daimler 3.6 Auto

Estimate: £2000 - £2500

We just can’t help but notice this light blue Daimler 3.6 Auto, which offers a substantial dollop of quality for such a modest listing price. Marketed as the more luxurious and decadently equipped variation of the Jaguar XJ6, this Daimler benefits from the very same intensive development that was heaped into producing the ‘world class’ XJ40; once dubbed the 'safest car in Britain'.

Composed of lighter body panels yet framed within a far stronger structure than preceding Jaguar models, the XJ40 benefitted from reduced drag, improved fuel economy and introduced the ‘J-Gate’ automatic transmission that allowed for error-free selection of forward gears.

This vehicle possesses all of these features, as well as lashings of luxury typical of Daimler added in, including crinkle cut fluted grilles, 20-spoke alloy wheels, darker rear lights and an interior composed primarily of burr walnut. Estimated at £2000-£2500, this Daimler 3.6 offers a tasteful way to acquire mechanical ingenuity and notable refinement within a single package.

2001 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue 4.6L

Estimate: £3000 - £4000

For those who seek superior off-road performance whilst also sat in exquisite comfort, this 2001 Range Rover P38 Vogue is well worth considering. Designed as the pre-millennial derivative of the Range Rover Classic, yet still possessing the easily identifiable shape of a 4x4 icon nonetheless, the P38 came fitted with new developments such as height adjustable air suspension that allowed you to literally obliterate all rivals out in the open countryside.

This Vogue edition was supplied new from Stratton Land Rover of Knutsford and now carries with it a detailed service history and current MoT. The effects of depreciation have seen Range Rover P38s selling at surprisingly modest prices but as recognition of the model’s abilities starts to build, taking prices with it too, we’d say this listing sits at a very tempting sum indeed.

Fitted with later Range Rover L322 wheels, front fog lamps, cruise control, satellite navigation, an electric sunroof and upgraded leather upholstery, you’d be wise to bid on this P38 while it still remains affordable. The best bit? Try blipping the throttle, that Rover V8 will have you grinning from ear-to-ear!

2000 Jaguar XK8 Convertible

Estimate: £8000 - £9000

Amongst the listings more likely considered a ‘modern classic’ is this convertible 4.0-litre Jaguar XK8 from 2000. With its curvaceous bodywork, the XK8 represented a notable change in Jaguar’s look. Although the XK8 utilised the XJS platform (as did the Aston Martin DB7), the new model’s appearance contrasted in a palpable manner from the angular and somewhat masculine stance of its predecessor.

The XK8 gained its name from an all-new V8 under the hood, electronically limited to a maximum of 155mph. Quickly proving popular thanks to a charismatic yet well-controlled driving experience, combined with a sleek interior and spirited burble behind, the XK8 sold like hot cakes.

Finished in gleaming silver, this example was initially sold by Hatfields Jaguar in Sheffield and has since amassed an impressive service history, its own cherished private registration number and a current MoT to April 2019.

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1949 Jaguar MkV 3.5L

Estimate: £28,000 - £30,000

For a more traditional take on British motoring, this Jaguar MkV will be joining the August 18 auction, one of several vehicles that have come from the RMP private collection. Thanks to the up-right chrome grille and leaping Jaguar radiator cap mascot, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this MkV as a pre-war offering but this Jaguar was supplied to its first owner by Henlys of London in September 1949.

At the close of the war, and like many vehicle manufacturers within Europe, Jaguar initially used car designs it had conceptualised in the 1930s. The MkV was an intriguing blend of old and new – Jaguar retained the overhead-valve pushrod straight-6 2.5 and 3.5-litre engines, previously purchased from the Standard Motor Company, as well as the four-speed helical gearbox.

However, a new chassis twinned with independent front suspension, an all pressed steel body and hydraulic brakes were new elements to be introduced by Jaguar. Originally painted in Lavender Grey with Blue Trim, this MkV is now finished externally in Maroon and Black while the interior is primarily grey. This MkV possesses both an MoT to May 2019 and a resume of its known history.

1974 Jensen Interceptor III

Estimate: £25,000 - £30,000

Featured as the star listing in the up-coming Morris Leslie classic sale, this Mk3 Jensen Interceptor from 1974 is expected to fetch between £25,000-£30,000. The Series 3 represents the last incarnation of the Interceptor, one of the biggest British grand-touring cars made with an astonishing 7.2-litre Chrysler engine located up front and elegant bodywork penned by Touring of Milan.

Owning an Interceptor was very much like having cherry-picked key ingredients for success from the automotive world - US muscle contained within Italian styling and gifted with a helping of British heritage – all making for a highly seductive package.

Distinctive thanks to its curved glass hatchback and rumbling soundtrack, the Interceptor gained a revised front grille, headlamp finishers, GKN alloy wheels, revised seats and air conditioning in its third edition. This particular Interceptor has an automatic transmission, perfect for long-distance motorway cruises, and carries a valid MoT until November.

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