Mopar teases 'elephant' Dodge Charger restomod for SEMA

Could the 'elephant' engine make a return? It looks like Mopar is bringing a specially modified Dodge Charger to SEMA 2018 according to a teaser video

If you’re a fan of modified muscle cars, the SEMA show in Las Vegas, USA is the place to be. The up and coming 2018 instalment promises to be a spectacular event with many performance outfits already teasing what to expect between October 30th - November 2nd. Mopar, the official modification arm of FCA has given us a glimpse of a new restomod Dodge Charger.

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The teaser video begins with the heavy idle of a classic muscle car before a fiery set of paw prints come into view. These are quickly extinguished by what appears to be elephant footprints — highly significant as we’ll explain in a moment. Then an elephant grey classic Dodge Charger comes into view performing a burnout before the video ends with ‘something big is coming’.

While we won’t know all of the answers until the SEMA show at the end of this month, it would appear that there’s an elephant theme to this modified Dodge Charger. In 1964 Chrysler created a monstrous 426-cubic inch V8 Hemi engine that found its way into a number of Dodge vehicles. The powerful motor became known as ‘the elephant’ amongst its fans for its sheer strength, and that’s what we think Mopar are getting at here. Could we see a new ‘elephant’ engine in this Dodge Charger?

Chevrolet Performance will be displaying their most powerful crate engine ever at the SEMA show, so this ‘elephant’ could prove to be a direct competitor. It’ll have to be a mighty engine to challenge Chevy’s LT5 as it brings 775bhp to the party. Originally seen in the new Corvette ZL1, the LT5 is being showcased in a modified 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna.

Whatever Mopar is cooking up, we hope it’s something to take the fight to GM. We don’t have long to wait now with SEMA being just days away.

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