All-new classic car show coming to UKTV channel Dave

There’s a new car show on the horizon pitching classic cars against contemporary rivals, set to premiere on Dave on September 17 at 8pm

UKTV has commissioned a new car-buying series for its entertainment channel, Dave. Modern Wheels or Classic Steals, will run for a first season of 20 installments at 30 minutes each. The first episode airs on Monday, September 17, at 8pm.

Each episode will see one would-be car buyer seek help in deciding which set of wheels to purchase. Turning to presenters Rebecca Jackson and Elo for guidance, the premise will pitch the two presenters against one another; car dealer and racing driver Rebecca trying to convince the buyer that a modern car is best whereas Elo – owner and founder of The London Motor Museum – defends the classic car corner.

The vehicles to be featured are being kept secret for now, although the above picture gives one away, but we can expect to see a wide range of cars to fit varied budgets ranging from £6,000 to £100,000. The briefs will also vary from daily drives to weekend toys, post-war machines to modern classics.

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Elo said: 'Classic cars were not built to be classics. They were built as everyday cars… Classic cars offer a passion for driving. A connectivity with the machine and the road. Modern cars have no passion.'

Modern Wheel or Classic Steals has been ordered by UKTV director of commissioning, Richard Watsham and UKTV general manager, Steve North. The show follows UKTV’s recent success with Yianni: Supercar Customiser and Cop Car Workshop.

Ian Coyle, UKTV senior commissioning editor, said: ‘This is a simple, captivating format, produced by a team at Cactus [production company] who really know entertainment and really know their cars.’

Dave channel director, Luke Hales, explained: ‘We are excited to bring this show to life on Dave. We know how much our viewers love motoring content and we are sure they will love Modern Wheels or Classic Steals too.’

Simon Ross, the programme's executive producer, concluded: ‘I know that Dave viewers will be amazed and tempted by the range of cool cars that Elo and Rebecca will be offering up across the series. It’s 30 minutes of motoring eye candy backed up with expert advice on genuine buying options.’

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