Would you buy this classic Mini for a penny?

A penny doesn't buy you anything these days, or does it? This classic Mini is a total wreck and is in need of serious restoration, but its current bid is just 1p without reserve

They say that you get what you pay for, and for the most part that is very true. Cheap technology is usually tat, cheap wine is usually poor, and you don’t want to even begin wasting your time with cheap underwear. However, sometimes some items are too cheap to pass up, things like this classic Mini with an opening bid of just a penny.

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We’ll just come out and say it… The car is a total wreck with extreme corrosion that appears to have rusted the front half of the car clean off. One of the windows is clinging on with what’s left of its sealant, the roof has a hole in it, a door is off its oxidised hinges, the interior looks like it has been through a blender. On the bright side you get the bonus of a discarded garden chair and we’re sure you could negotiate for the knackered cone too.

Joking aside, it’s a penny, a denomination of coin that doesn’t even buy you a single sweet these days. If you take a good look at the car there are a fair few parts that can be salvaged and sold for a profit including a steering wheel, original mini speedometer, potentially the rear bench seats, chromed rear bumper, and taillights. They’ve got to be worth more than a penny, right?

Interestingly the eBay listing also states that the seller is ‘happy to do a rebuild on your behalf’ which is jolly nice of them, but arguably a bit optimistic. The 1977 car has been in a garage yard for an unknown number of years and is actually brown according to its V5C paperwork. If you are brave enough to take this car on as a project, its 1.0-litre engine has covered 89,421 miles, but its status is unknown.

Why not check it out for yourself? It could be the best penny you ever spend!

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