Minder TV series Capri and Daimler up for sale

Both Dennis Waterman’s Ford Capri and George Cole’s Daimler Sovereign are currently for sale as part of the ‘Minder Collection’. Get one for ’er indoors…

‘Arthur Daley would see the Jaguar as the sharp-operator’s car,’ explained the late George Cole, immortalised for portraying TV’s greatest mid-level criminal. ‘I’m afraid I have to say he’s a secondhand Jaguar man.’

Tuning in on a Monday evening at 9pm to hear Dennis Waterman’s chart-bothering theme song, you would have been in good company. At Minder’s peak, the British comedy-drama set in London’s criminal underworld drew audiences of 10 million. It starred Waterman as Terry McCann and Cole as Arthur Daley; the world was his lobster...

Running for ten series over 15 years, with a revival in 2009 – although the less said about that, the better – Euston Film’s television franchise showcased a huge range of talent, with up-and-coming guest stars including the likes of Robbie Coltrane, Peter Capaldi, Michael Gambon, Philip Glenister and Bill Nighy.

However, the sharp scripts and fast-established popular characters aside, one of the big attractions for viewers of all ages remained the 'moatas'.

Arthur Daley’s cars

Found behind the wheel of an enormous array of posh chod, ranging from all manner of Jaguars to Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz models, Arthur Daley and Jag went hand in hand into the cultural status chamber like Bond and Aston, or OJ and Bronco.

The series bred a love affair between actor Cole and the Jaguar marque that lasted until the leading man’s death in 2015, at the age of 90.

‘I was talking with the location manager and I was saying that I really must get a new car. He said “why not get in touch with Jaguar and make them an offer for this?” It was the XJ6 used in series one though three,’ Cole told Sky back in 2005.

‘About two days later, TV Times rang me up and said that they would like to use it as a prize for a competition. So I sobbed a bit and agreed.’

‘The effect, I think, when Minder got going, there was a very big increase in the sales of second-hand Jaguars. I would like to think that was partly due to us.’

Terry McCann’s Ford Capri

It wasn’t just the Jags that fixated the attention of petrolheads across the land. Terry’s Ford Capri, seen every week during the opening titles, still holds a remarkably strong fan following today. Thought lost for many years, it wasn’t found until one hapless owner attracted considerable police attention.

He was pulled over on a regular basis, with the police registering the number plate in their sub-consciousness due to weekly airings on the TV. According to John Hill of the Capri Club International, it was then that the Capri’s custodian realised he had a rather famous vehicle.

Many people since have dreamed about owning the Minder automotive cast. Well, here’s your chance…

Buy the Minder Collection!

As well as Arthur’s Daimler Sovereign (VDU 342X), which wore the plate DYO 979V between series four and six, and Terry’s Capri 2.0 S (SLE 71R), there is also an extensive range of memorabilia up for grabs, including:

  • The original and iconic brown trilby and camel coat worn by George Cole
  • George Cole’s autobiography
  • Another coat documented as being worn in many episodes
  • Framed prints
  • Signed photographs
  • A signed Arthur Daley tax disc / window-sticker set
  • A fan-club magazine from 1982
  • Classic car magazines featuring the cars and detailing each vehicle’s history
  • Copies of auction catalogues detailing and authenticating all of the items within the collection

Importantly, the star cars are said to be in rude health. Both models underwent restoration with considerable costs before H&H Auctions put them under the hammer in April 2016, with the Capri fetching a record price at the time of £52,000.

They are now returning to the auction scene, albeit it exclusively online – and you can view the lot and find out more through the eBay listing.

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