Stunning rare Tickford-tuned MG Maestro Turbo up for grabs

One of just 500 MG Maestro Turbos built for public consumption, this rare turbocharged hatchback boasts engineering assistance from an F1 supplier

The Germans boast of their ‘second hand’ automotive companies, whisking away production vehicles to inject them with significant performance upgrades. However, unbeknown to most, Britain also trumpets such a marque, a company who has been utilised by Formula teams and sports car manufacturers: Tickford.

Tickford's engine tuning capabilities are well known, and MG utilised such talent in 1988 for the Maestro Turbo.

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Unveiled at the British International Motor Show in Birmingham that year, the bonkers Maestro arrived in showrooms less than 12 months later. Except, while yobbos fell over themselves to acquire one, the car's formal launch proved to be a bittersweet moment for traditionalists; the turbo-charged Maestro signalling an end to cars produced by the Austin Rover Group, before the doomed Rover Group was formed.

In essence, the tarmac-snorting Maestro brought about an end to traditional British motoring, and you can buy a piece of said history on eBay. Bidding is currently at £6900, with just over a week to go.

Only 500 MG Maestro Turbos rolled off the production line, each featuring the 2.0-litre straight-four from the Maestro 2.0 EFi, but with some typical Tickford tinkering. Such work included a carburettor and a Garret T3 turbocharger, boosting power output to 152bhp, an impressive amount for what was quite a small engine.

Tickford also designed an exclusive bodykit and alloy wheels for the car, while retaining the typical Maestro look, resulting in a car that was capable of 128mph and a 0-60mph time of 6.7 seconds, yet still appeared like Maureen's transportation to the bingo.

Each car went through the usual production process at the Oxfordshire factory, before being shipped to wide-eyed engineers in Tickford’s Warwickshire base. However, it was still a Maestro, and popularity wavered on the second hand market. Now though, the rarity and performance of these cars has made them quite the collector’s item.

This is chassis no. 214 out of 500, and is entirely original barring a replacement air filter, stereo and boost gauge. Since leaving the factory, this car has covered 45,500 miles, and comes complete with owners manuals, service history, period literature, two keys and a MG certificate of authenticity.

To buy this car, beware that it is currently located in Portugal, although retains all its British paperwork, and is registered as SORN (statutory off-road notification). The seller is willing to pay for transportation of the car to the UK at the price of £700, and with prices expected to go up by at least another thousand before the listing ends, you could be looking at around £9000 in total to get this car onto your driveway.

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