Rule the road with an iron fist via this Mercedes Pullman

A favourite of royalty and dictators, now you can strike fear into the heart of other road users as this Pullman heads to auction

If you’re going to buy a car to make a statement, do it properly. Forget about flashy Range Rovers or the latest BMW, why try to make your neighbours jealous when you can make them quake in their boots when you arrive home from work instead? Once the choice of dictators, this Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman is your ticket to unwavering respect from onlookers.

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Based on the grand Mercedes-Benz 600 saloon, the Pullman offers an enlarged 153.5-inch wheelbase in which its occupants are cosseted. Just 487 were built in either four or six-door configuration, each usually tailored to the desires of those who ordered it. Royalty, world leaders, dictators, and revolutionaries have all conducted themselves with the aid of this land-yacht.

Passengers of the Pullman wanted for nothing with the finest materials utilised by the best craftsmen Germany had to offer. Leather and wood coats every surface of this classic limo that took the fight to Rolls-Royce in terms of opulence. One of this Mercedes’ many unique traits is its extensive use of a high pressure hydraulic system that not only gave it a supple ride, but also made use of it for many powered features in the car — even the windows.

Obviously, such a complex vehicle requires plenty of care and attention, of which this example has received. Heading to the RM Sotheby's Petersen Automotive Museum auction next month, this handsome German luxury car has had over $41,000 spent on it over the past two years. This listing states ‘it would be difficult to find a fully serviced 600 in comparable mechanical condition.’ Its 245bhp 6.3-litre V8 engine is also said to be in fine fettle.

Just 304 of this four-door variant were produced, and if you fancy owning a car that is likely never going to be cut-up in traffic, have one of your operatives primed to bid.

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