Will the McLaren Speedtail be worth less in America?

The 250mph McLaren Speedtail isn't legal to drive freely in America due to strict crash protection laws. Will this dent the values of cars heading to the US?

The McLaren Speedtail has been revealed as a 250mph successor to the legendary F1 supercar. It’s a mighty impressive machine, but maybe a little too impressive for US law. Thanks to a central driving position, lack of side airbags, and cameras in place of door mirrors, the Speedtail can’t be legally driven in America – reports Motor Authority. How will this affect its values in the future?

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Due to the McLaren Speedtail mimicking the production run of the F1 at 106 units, there was little point to engineering a solution to American law-makers individual requirements, hence its lack of legality stateside. Regardless of this fact, Motor Authority has been told by McLaren that around 35 cars built in Woking, UK will be going to American buyers. 

Some will likely keep their Speedtails in Europe, but for the rest the only way to get their new toy delivered stateside is through the Show or Display exemption.

This 1999 law allows cars that don’t comply with federal safety standards into the US for display purposes only. You can drive such cars on the road legally, but are restricted to just 2,500-miles a year. The McLaren F1 was actually subject to the very same issue back in the early 90s thanks to front crash protection not meeting Americas very particular standards. Cars over 25 years old are exempt from this law.

So how will this affect values of the McLaren Speedtail in America? We’d bet not very much at all. In fact, a lack of cars on the US secondhand market might drive values upwards. The truth of it is that typically these types of instant collector cars do very little mileage in the first place. For many owners buying the Speedtail as an investment, as sad as that might be for the car, 2,500-miles a year will be plenty. We’d also expect to see a spike in values in around 25 years time when McLaren Speedtails are free and legal to get their kicks on Route 66.

All 106 McLaren Speedtails were sold long before the car was publicly revealed, each equipped with a 1,036bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine and a battery pack. At £1.75 million each, it’ll be interesting to see where the values go over the next few years.

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