McLaren Senna 001 completes 870-mile maiden road trip

What would be the first thing you'd do when given the keys to your new supercar? A road trip to a famous track sounds like the perfect way to run it in!

The sad truth of exotic supercars is that the vast majority will be bought by wealthy individuals who will then garage the car in hope of turning a profit in a year or two. This isn’t just a crime against engineering brilliance, but also denies enthusiasts — who only dare dream about seeing their hero-car in the metal — that opportunity.

The owner of McLaren Senna 001 clearly shares that point of view as he immediately set off on an 870 miles road trip after collecting the keys.

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David Kyte is the lucky owner of the very first production McLaren Senna and he has no intentions of making his new pride and joy a garage queen. After a ceremony at the McLaren Technology Centre, Kyte and three other McLaren Sennas, a 720S, and the new 600LT set off for the famous Paul Ricard circuit in France.

McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt said “David Kyte is a longstanding McLaren enthusiast with a true passion for our brand and a number of McLarens to prove it. We have had many conversations about the car he has now taken delivery of and while I believe that the McLaren Senna is already incredible in every respect, the additional work that David has commissioned from McLaren Special Operations has taken ‘Senna 001’ to another level.”

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) tailors a customer’s car to their exacting specification. Unique paint, bespoke elements, and other special requests are all taken care of by their special division. McLaren Senna 001 has spent plenty of time with MSO to create a stunning example of the most track focussed McLaren to date.

The distinctive paintwork took over 600 hours to complete using MSO Anniversary White and MSO Aurora Blue hues. Senna logos were added to the rear wing endplates, Ayrton’s signature features in the door shut, and the legendary driver’s championship winning years have been engraved on the throttle pedal.

The McLaren Senna is an extreme supercar that focuses on extensive aerodynamic function. Active surfaces, splitters, wings, channels, and ducts all work to create 800kg of downforce. Power comes from a 789bhp 4.0-litre turbocharged engine that’s capable of getting this '1 of 500' supercar from 0-124mpg in just 6.8 seconds.

AutoClassics was amongst the first to drive the McLaren Senna at its launch in Portugal at the Estoril circuit where Ayrton won his first grand prix.

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