Historic McDonald's cars up for auction

McDonald's No.1 in Illinois closed in 2008 – leaving the museum and its four American classics on display in the parking lot to the elements. Now fully restored, these historic cars are heading to auction.

You’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t know what a McDonald’s was. The golden arches represents one of the most globally recognised brands in the world. Over 69 million people are served by the fast food chain every day – making it one of the largest food businesses in the world. However, something you might not know about McDonald’s is this; its' rare collection of cars are now up for grabs!

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There’s strong debate about the ‘real’ McDonald’s No.1 store, with some saying the story begins with the original McDonald brothers in California, while the franchise itself recognises the 1955 Des Plaines store in Illinois as its origin when founded by the late Ray Kroc.

When Kroc died in 1984 it was decided that ‘site No.1’ would be turned into a McDonald’s museum. Huge arches were erected, pieces of fast food history placed inside, and a parking lot featuring period correct cars — each built in the same year Kroc opened his first McDonald’s.

The Museum ended up closing in 2008 after years of deterioration, but the classic cars remained in the lot. Thankfully someone covered up the cars and stored them during the winter months to save them from the elements. The building is set to be demolished soon, but the cars have been saved and are now restored to their former glory. Mecum Auctions currently has all four of these beautiful two-tone cars listed for sale with no reserve.

A Chevrolet Bel Air, Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis, Oldsmobile Super 88, and a Ford Crown Victoria — each from 1955 — are set to go under the hammer. All of these cars are titled to the McDonald’s Corporation and represent an intriguing piece of fast food history. As well as being McDonald’s collectables, each car is in pristine condition after an extensive restoration that spanned a year and a half.

If you’re hungry for four classic American cars and a side of history, check out Mecum’s Chicago auction October 25th - 27th.

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