Maserati 'Eldorado' takes centre stage at Auto e Moto d’Epoca

A trio of classic Maserati will populate the brand's stand at Auto e Moto d’Epoca. One such car is the famed Maserati Tipo 420M-58 Eldorado

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Maserati has a proud history in motorsport and on the public road. Iconic open wheel Grand Prix cars made history while later sports and GT cars made this performance available to the lucky few who could afford it. The trident will be showcasing a trio of historic models from its past at the 2018 Auto e Moto d’Epoca Show in Padua, Italy. One of the three cars is the instantly recognisable Tipo 420M-58 Eldorado.

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The Eldorado gets its name from the sponsorship painted all over the car. It was actually the first single-seater racing car sponsored by a product outside of motorsport. Maserati ditched the assigned red colour for Italian cars and instead went for a predominately white colour scheme. Buoyed by the success of the Maserati 8CFT at the Indianapolis 500, this 420M was specially constructed to take part in the 500 Miles of Monza event. Its tubular chassis reduced weight and the 4.2-litre V8 engine was mounted to the left on account of the anticlockwise track. The car itself is now 60 years old.

The other two Maseratis are well known classic road models, a Merak SS and a Khamsin. The Khamsin got its name from a hot violent wind that gusts through the Egyptian desert for up to 50 days each year. It was actually Maserati’s last V8 GT car for a spell until the 1990 Shamal. As for the Merak, the SS model represents a lightened and more focused variant of this Italian sports car. Just 100 Merak SS were built by the time production ended in 1983.

Auto e Moto d’Epoca is one of Europes biggest classic car and bike shows and features historic models from all eras. If you’re in Italy and love classics, it’ll be well worth checking out.

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