Man crashes near century-old Ford Model T during test drive

While trying to show off a classic 1920 Ford Model T to a potential buyer, a man in America has crashed a near century-old classic car

Last week, two gentlemen taking out a classic 1920 Ford Model T roadster hot rod crashed it into a ditch while on a test drive near Clairemont in San Diego, reports NBC News.

The 49-year-old driver of the car, who was taking it on a test run to demonstrate it to a 40-year-old potential buyer, who was in the passenger seat, lost control on a section of the Chateau Drive road near Verley Court. It speared through a fence, down a concrete bank and into a drainage ditch.

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Both were ejected from the car, which does not have a roof, and injured themselves in the crash. Having been built before 1964, it is not a legal requirement in California for the car to have seat belts, hence the driver and passengers failure to remain in the vehicle during the crash.

The San Diego Police Department does not know how the driver lost control of the 98-year-old vintage car, although local residents told the NBC News that the road, and the nearby intersection, is a popular one for drivers who enjoy breaking the speed limit. The investigation by the police so far suggests that suspicious substances, such as drugs or alcohol, and illegal activity are not expected to be in a factor in the crash.

A recovery vehicle was hailed to pull the Model T from the ditch by its rear, and when TV cameras picked out the rescue it looked like the car was not in too bad a condition, with no obvious damage. Unlike normal Model Ts, the roadster has a exposed engine at the front with huge exhausts and an air intake. The sides of the car are also adorned with cartoon flame drawings, as per classic hot rod style.

Ford Model Ts are renowned for how difficult they are to drive, as a result of the different pedal arrangement and the traditional clutch, which does not perform the same function as clutch pedals of today's cars.

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