Plans revealed for new Lotus facility at Hethel

Lotus's Hethel HQ is to receive a large investment to develop the facility. A new experience centre, Heritage Centre, and Museum are planned

Lotus, like Porsche, is another iconic marque that is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018. This weekend its Hethel HQ will host birthday-bash with on-track activities and over 300 cars from Lotus’ history on display. Today there is even bigger news for the Lotus base as the brand reveals plans for a new customer experience centre, as well as a heritage centre and museum.

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This huge investment in the future of Lotus at Hethel is the first since its new owners Geely took the reigns. Plans have been submitted to the local authority, who will need to sign off on any future development at the ex-World War 2 base.

A new customer experience centre is to sit alongside the famous test track at Hethel and provide a showcase for Lotus’ current vehicle range. New customers will also be invited to the vehicle specification salons to develop the design and trim of their new car. It’s a striking building to look at that defiantly promotes a company looking to the future.

A new Heritage Centre and Museum will incorporate the site’s original main office and executive suites. By renovating and converting this historic space it allows Lotus to display legendary vehicles of the past in a setting that is also historically relevant in and of itself. The actual office used by founder Colin Chapman will become a centrepiece of the new project. Attached to the Heritage Centre will be a new restaurant where diners can enjoy views over the garden areas.

Even the old control tower that remains from when the site was an airbase will be renovated to host track-based activities and corporate events.

It seems there are exciting times ahead for Lotus, with plenty of speculation surrounding further investment for all-new models from its new parent company.

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