Can you help find this lost Austin-Healey Frogeye?

The hunt is on for a long-lost Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite. We know it’s still on the road, but has anyone seen it?

We all go looking for our old family cars. No matter the marque or model, condition or popularity, they hold rose-tinted sentiment that tickles the heart with delicate fingers. Whatever the reason, from raising a family to financial burdens and everything in between, we most often regret parting ways with our favoured mechanical steeds.

More of the human aspect...

Sadly, most are lost to the ether of time. However, that’s not always the case. Take Hannah Throgmorton’s recent request to classic car clubs across the nation, for example.

Her Dad had to sell his Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite, a riotous British sportscar that separated the men from the boys. You had to commit with steely determination in order to take Austin-Healey’s Frogeye to the limit. An act which created a bond between man and machine that is rarely matched by any modern vehicle.

So much so, that Mr.Throgmorton is now seeking his old car after decades apart, as Hannah explains:

‘To cut a long story short, my Dad once owned this car. That's him in the picture. Recent events have sent Dad down memory lane and it's become very obvious to me, my sister and my brother that this car holds a very special place in his heart. He often talks about how he regrets exchanging it for a sensible family car.’

‘I've been in touch with the lovely people at the Midget and Sprite Club who are going to add something to the next edition of MASCOT and I'm hoping the power of social media may turn up something too.’

‘The car has recently been Taxed and MOTd (according to the DVLA). Obviously this is a long shot and I'm trying to keep hopes to a minimum, but just to be able to see some pictures of the cars recent adventures would be amazing and such a nice surprise for Dad, who turns 80 this year.’

If you happen to know of the vehicle’s current status or, indeed, you are the owner – drop the owner's club a message so they can pass the information on.

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