You can buy a McLaren Senna for only $14.99 – albeit in Lego form

Based on the track-focused hypercar, the latest in McLaren Automotive's Ultimate Series is a Senna we can all afford

McLaren's latest Ultimate Series creation is a special edition of the new Senna hypercar, and one we can actually afford. Yes, there’s now a Lego version. It’s only £12.99 ($14.99), a mere 0.001% of the price of the standard Senna.

The engineers at McLaren made the Senna one of the most extreme performance road vehicles available on the market, with Formula 1 technology propelling it into hypercar territory. AutoClassics was one of the first to drive the Senna when it was released last year.

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This has all been thrown out of the window for the toy version, but at a significant price drop, with all the carbonfibre trickery being replaced by traditional Lego bricks. You also don’t need a driver’s license to put your name to one of these, with anyone aged seven or up able to call the latest Senna their own.

Unlike usual McLaren cars, which sometimes take up to 300 hours to manufacture and assemble into a finished product, you can expect a flat-pack style delivery and the fun of constructing your own hypercar. This arguably makes buying a Lego Senna more fun, although if you also take 300 hours to put together the 219-piece, 15cm-long model, we’d suggest buying a full-sized car instead.

Those hoping to test their Lego Senna's aerodynamic efficiency are in luck, with a constructable wind tunnel also available. Luckily, the seven year olds making their first foray into automotive design won't be blown away by scale wind forces to match. A simplification of the aerodynamics on the LEGO model will further ease McLaren engineers’ minds, with just the front splitter, roof snorkel and downforce producing rear wing present.

Unlike McLarens for the road, this Senna only comes in one colour combination: Victory Grey with orange highlights. The designers have made up for this by offering the optimisation of interchangeable wheel rims, a removable windscreen and a spare LEGO mini-figure driver to compensate for whomever builds it being too large to sit in the car upon completing the build.

You won’t need to visit Woking to buy this Senna, as it should be available in all good toy retailers and on Lego's own website.

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