Watch! Last ever 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 to be restored

Left to languish in a shed after its owner was murdered, Autofarm is now restoring the last ever Porsche Carrera RS 2.7

Having tracked down and acquired the last ever right-hand drive 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7, leading independent Porsche specialist Autofarm has located a fresh custodian for the unique and significant sportscar from deepest Stuttgart. Not only that, but work on the Porsche’s restoration is currently underway.

Prepare yourself for some Porsche speak. The ‘Trinidad RS’, as it is now referred to by Porsche anoraks and those of a historical classic car persuasion, remains a highly sought after and noteworthy specimen from the Porsche stable. Already having survived the onslaught of various unusual modifications, this RS holds a morbid backstory.

Sold in the UK in 1973 before being exported to the Carribean five years later, its owner was murdered during the Carrera's 40-year stint in the Caribbean sun, back in 2002. Since then, chassis 1576 has languished in a securely barricaded barn under the careful watch of the murdered enthusiast’s daughters.

Unearthed by Autofarm, the Trinidad discovery of a lifetime is now in knowledgeable hands for a bright future.

Mikey Wastie, managing director of Autofarm, said: 'The Trinidad RS is an extremely rare car with a colourful history and it’s exciting for us, as passionate RS specialists, to have been able to acquire this car and have the opportunity to restore it to its former glory. 

'We are no strangers to working on unusual barn finds, one of our biggest projects having been to rescue and restore an incredible 911 Carrera RS Lightweight that had managed to survive the Lebanese civil war in Beirut. The ‘Trinidad RS’ looks set to be an equally exciting restoration for us and we can’t wait to get started. 

'Obviously being the last right-hand drive Carrera RS to be produced, this car has generated quite a buzz and we’ve had a great deal of interest from potential buyers but it was important to us to ensure that we found the right person to work with on this project, someone who would appreciate the heritage of the car and who would have the right vision for how this car could continue its life in the future. 

'I’m happy to say that, having sat unused and unloved for such a long time, the Trinidad RS is about to start an exciting new chapter of its story. We are proud to have been able to unite this extraordinary Porsche with who we believe will be the perfect new owner and we will be working closely with them to rebuild and rejuvenate this car and prepare it for the next stage of its life.'

Autofarm will be documenting the rebuild with a series of videos over the next twelve months. You can view the first video below:

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