Kids take over the Petersen Museum!

The renowned Petersen Museum in LA is dedicating a gallery to children's race cars

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has announced plans to open a special exhibit dedicated to children and their fascination with fast cars on Saturday 16 December.

'Sidewalk Speedsters: The Grown-Up World of Children’s Cars' will be located in the museum's Charles Nearburg Family Gallery, and will feature a diverse range of child-sized race cars – from old to new, electric- to gas-powered, and affordable to luxurious.

In addition to the display, a variety of events will be offered, including gallery talks, panel discussions, and interactive kids’ demonstrations.

'Sidewalk Speedsters will mark a playful change of pace for the museum,' said Petersen chief historian Leslie Kendall. 'I had so much fun choosing the vehicles on display, as I grew up racing similar cars. The whimsical selection will perfectly juxtapose the more serious presentations, adding an exciting element of surprise to the museum’s overall atmosphere.'

Key vehicles that will be featured include a 1927 Bugatti Type 52 'Baby', a 1995 Meyness Bentley and a 1977 Porsche 936 Le Mans Jr. The exhibit will also showcase a 1968 Disneyland Autopia buggy, a 1931 Custer, a 1945 Plexiglas Lucas, a 1938 Maytag, a 1955 'Homemade', a 1939 Motokar, a 1934 National Junior Racer, a 'The Lad’s Car', 'The Junior Automobile', a Chevy Jr., a 1934 Cannonball Racer, a 1954 Vanguard Sidewalk Racer, and a 1955 Viking Craft.

To learn more about this exhibit visit the Petersen website.

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