Soap Star Joe Warren-Plant Brings Home Classic Mustang

Joe Warren-Plant, actor on British TV soap drama Emmerdale, apparently has excellent taste in cars. Despite being too young to drive!

The actor who plays Jacob Gallagher on the long running soap show Emmerdale has great taste in cars. According to his Instagram page, he recently brought home a beautiful blue 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe.

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The comments that accompany the pictures from Plant follow with, "So.......I bought my DREAM car at the age of 16! I never thought I would ever get this lucky.

“Just wanted to say Thank you to all who played a role in the process: My Family. My friends. And most of all, the fans!

“I love every single one of you and appreciate the continuous support you have given me over the past 9 years at Emmerdale! Thank you for this opportunity, it really means a lot to me.”

Joe, 16, didn’t get to bask in his excitement for too long before his followers jumped in to point out something - he’s not going to be legally allowed to drive the car for at least another year. Although 16 is the age in the United States when most people can get their driver’s license (after a year of driving with their permit, that is), that’s sadly not the case in the UK, where the licensing age is 17.

That being said, the teenager now has some major motivation to study for his license exam, because who wouldn’t love to have a classic Pony Car as their first ride?

The Mustang in question is likely a 289 cubic-inch V8, assuming it’s original and hasn’t undergone an engine swap. Assuming the Mustang is a numbers matching vehicle, it could have caused the star to dig pretty far into his pockets, but after nine years on the show, he probably didn’t sweat it.

You’ve got to give it to the kid for having an appreciation for classic muscle, too. Especially after seeing so many members of young Hollywood rolling around in (and wrecking) the most exotic supercars they can get their hands on, all for the sake of status, and not true appreciation of the automobile.

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