Is Clarkson filming retro Grand Tour piece on the Lotus Cortina?

Jeremy Clarkson has been spotted filming for an upcoming episode of The Grand Tour using a Ford Cortina outside his old school – before taking to the track with a Lotus Cortina

Jeremy Clarkson could be returning to TV screens with a retro sequence on the Ford/Lotus Cortina for The Grand Tour, the Doncaster Free Press hinted last week. Understood to be filming a ‘top secret' segment, Clarkson’s team of sound engineers and technicians were spotted filming outside the ex-Top Gear star’s former school in Doncaster town centre.

Employing a Ford Cortina bearing a private license plate, JCC 868J – Clarkson’s full name is Jeremy Charles Clarkson – the evidence points to a flashback segment looking over Clarkson’s childhood. Other evidence of Cortina celebration comes from Clarkson's instagram - where he had positioned a Lotus Cortina on a racetrack, proclaiming 'those where the days my friend'.

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According to previous interviews, Clarkson's parents owned a Ford Cortina that eventually became his first car. As such, he still holds great affection for the model. Snapped in Burghwallis when cameras were rolling, all evidence points to a nostalgic visit down memory lane.

Born in Doncaster on April 11, 1960, Clarkson spent his early years growing up in Burghwallis. His mother, Shirley Gabrielle Clarkson, ran a business selling tea cosies alongside her husband. They put Jeremy’s name down in advance for private schools without knowing how they were going to afford the hefty boarding fees.

The solution arrived in the form of Paddington Bear. Jeremy’s parents made stuffed toys for children and proved popular enough to start selling further toys through the business.

Sales proved profitable enough to pay the fees for Clarkson to attend Hill House School before moving onto Repton School – from which he was expelled, by his own admission for ‘drinking, smoking and generally making a nuisance of himself’.

During filming, signage outside the Rutland House conference centre was changed to bear ‘Hill House School’, the building formerly home to the private educational facility.

Education proved to be a difficult time for Clarkson. Besides stating that he was deeply unhappy at Repton School, the TV presenter explained that he had been a "suicidal wreck" while attending.

Details remain sketchy and lips sealed about the new project. The crew apparently refused to comment on proceedings when approached and local residents were mystified by proceedings.

However, further clues to the nature of filming were unveiled on Instagram, where Clarkson has clearly been active on track with a Lotus Cortina. We should get to see the final product when The Grand Tour returns later in the year. Two episodes have already been filmed, with a third due to commence on November 21.

Photos: Jeremy Clarkson on Instagram

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