Jay Leno meets the 100th Singer-modified Porsche 911

Singer created its 100th reimagined classic Porsche 911 recently and loaned it to keen petrolhead Jay Leno. It doesn't take long for the chat-show host to fall in love

The news is often full of doom and gloom. However, we all love a good success story, especially if it is to do with classic Porsche 911s. Famed Porsche restorers and resto-modders Singer produced its 100th car recently, quite the milestone for something that started as a passion project – and now Jay Leno has got his hands on it.

More on the Porsche 911…

Singer has spent the last nine years perfecting the art of taking air-cooled 911s and 'reimagining' them as the pure spirit of the model. Character lines are exaggerated, cabins enhanced with new materials, and engines tweaked for added performance. The aim has always been to create the ultimate 911s.

Almost a decade ago Singer created its first car that soon captured the attention of the motoring media. This ‘greatest hits’ of the 911 took all that was great and good about the sports car, and enhanced those traits. The classic shape captured peoples imagination, but the modern engineering was enough to convince them to pay upwards of $800,000. Singer can build your dream 911, all you have to do is source a car between 1989-1994 and have the cash to see your creation come to life.

The 100th car might not look as flashy as the recently revealed Singer DLS that was created in partnership with Williams, but its understated appearance masks a ferocious beast underneath. This Porsche 964 is finished in a purposeful grey with a classic Porsche decal running between those dished alloy wheels, a stark contrast to the vivid interior of purple upholstery enhancing traditional 911 cabin landmarks.

Under the bonnet is Singer’s most potent engine, a 4.0-litre flat-six packing 390hp. It’s not an off-the-shelf item with bespoke cylinder heads, pistons, and crankshaft. This special car stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage where the ex-chat show host took it for a spin.

After going over every nut and bolt of this special car, it was time for Jay to hit the road. Throughout he remarks on the purity and sense of connection with the Singer, something often missing from modern performance cars. Check out the video — its engines sounds incredible.

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