Jamiroquai's Cosmic Girl Diablo for sale

'Cosmic Girl' ex-Jay Kay Lamborghini Diablo SE30 is currently up for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds

The Lamborghini SE30 remains one of the rarest and most soughtafter 1990s supercars on the market. Launched in 1994 to commemorate Lambo’s 30th anniversary, the design brief was firm; a street-legal racer that was faster, more powerful and lighter than the standard Sant’Agata Bolognese factory vehicle.

Weight was reduced by replacing power windows with fixed plexiglass and stripping away luxury features – out went the air-conditioning, the radio and power steering and in went carbonfibre seats with four-point harnesses. It might have sounded like ‘paying more for less’, but there was a bit more to it than that.

On the outside, the SE30 differed from the standard Diablo with a revised front fascia incorporating staked brake cooling ducts and a deeper spoiler, with the raging bull emblem moved to the front, between the headlamps. The rear of the SE30 featured rear cooling ducts that were changed to a vertical body-coloured deign, with a larger spoiler fitted as standard. However, it was with the engine where things got really interesting.

The V12 received an almighty boost in excess of 523bhp, with a top speed of 207mph, thanks largely to a tuned fuel system, paired alongside a freer-flowing exhaust and magnesium intake manifolds. To keep weight to an all-out minimum, rear-wheel drive was retained, although the electronically adjustable shock absorbers from the VT models were omitted. Not to say it lost all the cool stuff – you could still play with the adjustable-stiffness anti-roll bars through the system controlled in the cabin. The engine was also gold-plated, as you do.

Only 150 of these maniacal kerb-crawlers were made, and this 1996 model holds an ace card most supercars would kill for – it’s been owned by singer Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, purchased from the Amari dealership after his previous SE30 was destroyed in a crash. Not only that, but this particular Diablo was the star vehicle in Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl music video. The singer kept his Lamborghini for several years, before selling it back to the dealership. As if all this exclusivity isn’t enough, this SE30 also appears to be the only right-hand drive model on the current market.

Finished in Viola Metallic with full blue suede interior, number 142 of 150 and fully original, the Diablo has enjoyed five previous owners and covered a lowly 17,276 miles (27,804km). There is a mountain of paperwork to back the car up, including an old advertisement and documents to outline the impressive celebrity background – if you are searching for that kind of thing. The original handbooks, service book, keys, fobs and tan leather wallet are also all present.

Does this put you on Cloud 9?

You can find the 1996 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 for sale within the AutoClassics classifieds.

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