You can buy James Martin’s racing Mini!

The 1964 Mini Cooper S FIA Racer piloted by TV celebrity chef James Martin and BTCC Champion Jason Plato has appeared for sale in the AutoClassics classifieds. And she’s a beauty!

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Bought by TV celebrity chef of Saturday Kitchen fame, James Martin, in 2013, this racing-prepared classic Mini Cooper S tops the bill for us here at AutoClassics HQ. Quite frankly, we usually only drool this much when the cake trolley arrives…

Draped in dark blue with contrasting white livery, this humble slice of Issigonis-designed, Cooper-tuned Britishness was developed into a front running car, tuned to ward off the likes of Jaguar MKIIs and Austin A35s.

Specifically designed for tackling the prestigious pre-1966 historic saloon car series, alongside the Goodwood Revival St Mary’s Trophy, driving was shared with none other than BTCC Champion Jason Plato!

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Under the cute aesthetics, power arrived via a fresh £22k engine and gearbox from leading Mini experts Swifttune. Beside being admired, this Mini remains renowned for its pace – churning up tarmac faster than you would believe possible, seeing as the Mini offers all the ‘aerodynamics of a piano’.

We know what you are thinking; it’s this the one James Martin over-cooked? Well, yes – as this footage proves:

However, the incident itself was incredibly soft. Sliding off into the grass, James whipped the front end around to gracefully partake in a spot of light gardening. Besides slightly re-arranging some flowers, the only damage was one headlamp. The Mini was largely unscathed, and the headlight has since been replaced.

‘For me, driving cars like the Mini Cooper S is a pleasure equalled only by the company of like-minded enthusiasts’, James once stated. This explains why his annual calling remains the Goodwood Revival.

‘By the time I was a lad, the Mini was nearing 30 years old, but it was still at the top of boys' favourite car lists,’ James explained to the Telegraph online.

‘Everyone I knew either had one or wanted one. If you managed to eventually get your hands on one, it would inevitably be a knackered second-hander like mine and you'd spend the next few years trying to trick it out like something Paddy Hopkirk would drive.’

Well, there’s no modifications required to hone this little beauty into a full-blown tarmac addict. Ready for the next owner to claim custody, the succeeding titleholder has the perfect weapon to continue achievements enjoyed by the Celebrity duo.

Proof then, that great things indeed come in small packages. Get a closer look with the AutoClassics classifieds listing.

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