H. R. Owen list rare Bugatti Veyron pair for sale

Bugatti Veyron values are surging upwards with some examples now worth double their original list price. H. R. Owen has a pair of very collectable examples for sale.

When Volkswagen acquired Bugatti in 1998 nobody really knew what was to come. The German powerhouse would pour its greatest talent and huge financial backing into Bugatti to create a brand to define what a super luxury vehicle shoul dbe. The end result was the Bugatti Veyron, a car that made the brand instantly recognisable once again. H. R. Owen currently has two very rare examples of the hypercar for sale.

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Just 450 Bugatti Veyrons were hand built by the factory in Molsheim, France making the car a rare beast indeed. Numerous special editions are included in that number making particular examples even rarer.

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was the first open-top variant available, giving owners a 229mph 'wind in your hair' experience. Put the solid roof back on and the Grand Sport would do the same 253mph as its coupe sibling. An interesting accessory that came with every car was an umbrella that doubled as a temporary cover should you be caught out in a rain shower.

Just 58 were produced and H. R. Owen’s example has just 580-miles on the clock — making it a prime candidate for a collector. The car has already proven to be an appreciating asset and now commands a price tag of £2.15 million.

The second special car the dealer has in stock is the mighty Grand Sport Vitesse. It has a removable roof panel like the regular Grand Sport, but this car is based on the once record holding Veyron Super Sport. Power from the 8.0-litre W16 engine was boosted from 987bhp to 1183bhp allowing for a 0-62mph time of just 2.6 seconds.

This example has covered 2,200-miles but does feature a mesmerising naked blue-carbon finish. When new a Grand Sport Vitesse would set you back around £1.6 million, but this car is now for sale at £2.75 million, highlighting how the Veyron might be a better investment than some artworks.

Something that might put people off Bugatti Veyron ownership are its huge running costs with servicing initially estimated at some £16,000. Maintaining such a specialised car is expected to come at a price, but Bugatti and H . R. Owen already have a solution prepared.

'In this context, we are pleased to inform you about a new service program from Bugatti Automobiles. This will help to reduce the operating expenses of a Veyron and therefore make our offer even more attractive,' says Paul Stevens, Bugatti Brand Director of H.R. Owen.

With Veyron prices increasing steadily, we wouldn’t expect this multi-million pound pair to loiter in the showroom for long.

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