How a bank is creating a new era of classic car engineers

Cambridge & Counties Bank has joined with Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs to ensure classic cars will continue to be looked after by a new generation of engineers

Classic car financier Cambridge & Countries Bank has announced it will become the official ‘finance partner’ of the Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). The announcement was made last week on a vintage bus at the NEC Classic Motor Show, and will see the bank support the FBHVC’s Heritage Engineering apprenticeship scheme with £10,000 student bursaries, held at the Heritage Skills Academy at Bicester Heritage.

The academy’s primary aim is to teach the skills required to preserve and restore pre and post-war engineering heritage, and does so by utilising expertise from across the restoration industry. Students, mostly aged between 16 and 18, will get hands on with classic cars, as well as aviation, marine and steam equipment on the course, which is the only one of its kind accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations (OFQUAL). Any student that is part of the academy and completes a full term will receive an Advanced Diploma in Heritage Engineering, and an option to continue their studies for a second year.

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In addition to the bursary, managers and subject experts from the bank will design and deliver the business modules within the course, as C&C Bank CEO Mike Kirsopp explained: ‘It’s vitally important that we nurture and support skills for the future. Apprentices entering the world of heritage engineering will likely be working within small businesses or a business of their own and so equipping them with the understanding of finance, cash flow, accounting and asset management will be critical to their future success. We have the expertise and passion here at C&C Bank to support these students and play our part in preserving the future for historic vehicles.’

‘Having C&C Bank as our finance partner will help the federation in its work to champion the cause of transport heritage in the UK,’ added David Whale, chairman of the FBHVC. ‘The bank’s approach to supporting our students through a balance of commercial assistance and the offer of training and apprenticeships reflects their obvious commitment to supporting the classic car sector and the thousands of skilled jobs it creates.’

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